Frequently Asked Questions About Ogoplex

Prostate health and a healthy climax go hand in hand, and now you can take care of both, with Ogoplex.* Keep reading for answers to the most frequently asked questions about Ogöplex and whether it’s the right sexual health supplement for you.

What is Ogoplex?

Ogoplex is a premium, natural supplement formulated with Graminex® Flower Pollen (a clinically-tested, powerful upgrade to our previous formula’s generic Swedish Flower Pollen), Plant Phytosterols, Saw Palmetto, and Lycopene. Ogöplex is a favorite of fine men who wish to enhance sexual performance, support prostate health for a healthy climax, and enjoy a better sexual experience. Millions of men worldwide have trusted the Ogöplex special blend for over a decade, and discovered why it has a legendary reputation.

How does Ogoplex support prostate health?

You may not know it, but your prostate can have a tremendous impact on your health. Studies have shown that Graminex® Flower Pollen (a clinically-tested, patented upgrade to our previous formula’s generic Swedish Flower Pollen), Plant Phytosterols, Saw Palmetto, and Lycopene have positive effects on a variety of concerns related to male prostate health. These advanced ingredients in Ogoplex help support the health of your prostate, which is responsible for vital urinary and sexual functions. Keeping your prostate healthy with Ogoplex can affect the quality of your life, sexual and otherwise.*

Why should you take Ogoplex?

While worrying about your sexual performance and climax is a common concern as you age, your prostate health probably isn’t. Ogoplex specifically addresses all of these concerns, in one daily tablet. For many men, sexual health can decline with age. Ogoplex provides a host of nutrients that support a healthy prostate; and a healthy prostate supports a healthy climax. With your climax at stake, who shouldn’t take Ogoplex!

Do I have to take Ogoplex daily?

Yes! Ogoplex is a natural supplement and requires continued use, like a vitamin, to keep seeing maximum results.

How soon will I feel results?

Every man’s body is different. Most men feel a difference within 30 days of taking Ogoplex daily, and experience maximum benefits within 90 days.

Does Ogoplex have side effects?

Ogoplex is 100% drug free and contains only ingredients considered to be safe for ongoing use without likelihood of side effects. Many popular male supplements contain ingredients that have been flagged by the FDA as potentially unsafe, ingredients like yohimbe and DHEA. Ogoplex steers clear of any ingredients that are thought to pose a potential health risk. However, it is always possible, as with any food or supplement, that someone could have an adverse reaction, in which case you should discontinue use and consult a medical professional.


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